Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What I wore to Work :: Bike Edition

I have been a terrible Chicago-er this Spring season as far as being a environmentally conscious bicyclist! I normally ride my bike as soon as 60º weather hits, I was a bit slow on this this season. It's not that I didn't want to, it was that my bike needed some love and financially I kept putting it off. But NO LONGER! The beautiful summer, that for some mother nature has decided to give us and not screw us like the past years, has gotten me jonsing for my bike! So last week, I finally took it to my local bike shop and voila! in two seconds I was riding off like a five year old that just got a shiny new bike. 
So what does a vintage gal like my self wear or do when riding a 70's Schwinn single speed silver blue road bike? Exactly what I wear every other day! HA! Seriously though, I do my hair the same and wear my dresses as usual with bike shorts under them. Friday though, I found this 80s rayon floral summer dress at the thrift and I was struck with an arrow to the heart. Threw it on, got on my bike and just like that I found the perfect bike dress:) 
This is what I BIKED to work in yesterday. It may not be the most flattering dress but dang its comfy!
 1980s Rayon Summer Dress ~ Thrift Shop
80s Childs Denim Jacket ~ Thrift Shop about 5 yrs ago
 80s Leather Bag ~ Stolen from DETHROSE
80s Woven Loafers ~ Slubird
50s Yellow Belt ~ off a dress in my closet
Bangles & Rings ~ Thrifts, Estates and Antiques
Coral Necklace ~ Gift from MERL 

You will most likely be seeing different versions of this outfit through out the summer. Braid and all:)


Christina Ayala said...


I just wanted to let you know that this is an awesome outfit. Also, I would like to know how did you do your hair? I would love to try this out. Please let me know at mrsladypind@yahoo.com or I'll just check back in to see if you responded in your post.

blue roses said...

the braid is BEAUTIFUL, and i love the innocent yet feminine styling of the dress.... how you cinch the waist with a bold mustard belt, and pair it with the child's jacket! perfection.