Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Bazaar Recap...

This past weekend was the 3 day Vintage Bazaar Holiday Pop-Up Shop in Logan Square. I had been anticipating this since September! It's a smaller, more intimate setting than most of the sales I do. If every sale could look and feel like this one, I would be ecstatic! My brother Jon, whom I've spoke about several times, drove in for the sale with his amazing collection of antiques. Also, showing his graphic design and artistic skills by displaying a modern version of a Paper Moon for people to get their photo taken in. I mean how ingenious is that! This was by far the most successful sale Dethrose Vintage has done yet! Just simply take in the photos below and you will see why I was so in love with this particular sale.
~Dethrose Vintage Booth~
Jon's insanely beautiful creation!!  
Me in action taking my friend Albert's photo in the moon:) 
photo courtesy of Avoision
 My favorite accessory for people to get their photo taken with...the paper mache antique Doggy Head! Hahaha...hilarious!
 My brother Jon & I
Leilani from the Thriftaholic and Albert looking adorable! 
My friend Sasha from Kokorokoko modeling the dog head perfectly! 
 (photo courtesy of Zilredloh)

This not only was my favorite Pop-up Shop to date, it was also a perfect setting for the launch of my new LookBook!

 Following 5 photos courtesy of Avoision

 Please contact me at dethrosevintage@gmail.com if you have interest in something you see in the photos!!

Of course I did some shopping! I couldn't pass up the wonderful prices! 
 My new ottoman and chair from Hot House Vintage
 My new 1950's Lampshade from Houndstooth Vintage that goes perfectly with my bird motif:)
 And of course I need even more floral tapestry wall hangings:) These were from Yellowbirdd Vintage.

Hope you all had a great weekend as well!! 


Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

OMG that paper moon thingy is DIVINE!!!

Christina R. Griffith said...

Love the paint by number ballerina, everything is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

dang it, i'm so bummed i missed it!!! i was totally pooped :( that moon your bro made is awesome

Laura said...

I absolutely love that bird lampshade! So delicate and pretty.

Looks like you had a wonderful time. Wish I could have gone!

Vintage Market Place said...

oh ya, is that my hat??

Here we go again Cosby
Are those my socks??

Vintage Market Place said...

my last comment didn't post.
I am dying over this show and how good it all looks!!!
I so want to come home for the next one. This looks freakin' amazing.

Dakota said...

Gorgeous set-up; it looks like the vintage tableau of my dreams!! The paper moon is especially wonderful.

Dethrose Vintage said...

Amy~ Yes thats your hat! So many people asked me about it! I actually wore a hat of yours everyday that weekend:) So you were technically there!