Monday, October 24, 2011

Thrifting, Decorating and Pop-Up Shops!

The past month has been a long one. Not only for how many showcases there have been, but I have had several changes around me. I totaled my car in September, so there was the stress of getting a new car...ok, so getting the car was a relief. I am still suffering from the accident, no worries I'm sure I'll be fine, just headaches and dizziness. Then a few odd gigs here and there, I'll let you in on more later about those. Then the photo shoot for my upcoming look book and changes to Dethrose Vintage, don't worry I'm not going anywhere:) And finally there was a impromptu re-do of my apt...that was the most fun and the biggest stress reliever! Here is a sneak peek of the sitting room, sorry for the blurry photos they are from my phone.
 I am in love with this 1960's dream:) More to show you later!

Before having my vintage shows I usually go hunting for some goodies to bring to all of you. Now I don't usually thrift in the city but every once in awhile I'll stop in my favorite spots. I invited my friend Leilani from The Thriftaholic to come. With coffee in hand, we ventured out and boy did we have a blast!
 A Karen coat for Karyn?? Nope...if only it would of been cute! I did however come across a 40's Dutch pinstripe dress from Denmark with Karyn printed on the tag. That did make it's way into my closet.
 Leilani and I came across this lovely stallion of fashion did NOT come home with us...
 And the end result...
 I couldn't stop laughing in the photo below because we came across these weird boxing glove looking socks...yes...they are SOCKS!!! Hilarious.

 And here is the outcome of my purchases and finds for the week! The displays set up quite nicely, now most of its all gone, it's time to go hunt for more!
 So many dresses to add to Dethrose Vintage this week! Are you excited?!
 I have been finding the best accessories lately!
 The accessories and displays, notice the needle point Cat handbag! It sold in two seconds!
 The ladies running the Modern Vintage show were sweet enough to put me in the running for best dressed. So this was one of the dresses I wore for the weekend. Again, sorry for the terrible photo, I was very, very sick this weekend. Ugh, terrible slouching!
60's Cotton Gauze Dress ~ Thrifted
Tights & Shoes ~ Anthropologie


Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Your sitting room is gorgeous. Mine has potential... but the hundreds of half-read magazines and newspapers, the dog toys... argh.

Vintage Market Place said...

those look like golf club covers...not socks, lol
Your new sitting area is amazing and that couch is a great piece!!
The show table has a few pieces that I wouldn't mind bringing home :)
Hope you feel better soon

Piper Alexander said...

Do you still have the rust velvet blazer?! I love it!

I also love your new home set-up. There's a guy in Chi that sells all 60s furniture. His apt. is like walking into a time machine, so cool!

triskelos said...

That blue coat is so pretty, I don't even have words <3

Lillian Davenport said...

Wow, you found all those goodies at Unique?? I need to look harder when I'm there!
Actually, i did find a purse there once with the tags still on it, brand new for three dollars... came home and found out that they retail at Anthropologie for $75 and up!!