Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Apple Pickin' Part 2

Here is the finale of the Apple Pickin' adventure Leilani and I had this past Sunday! 

After the first orchard we came upon much more that this place has to offer. A field of sunflowers, a corn field maze and a much bigger orchard. What a day!

Leilani's amazing fall acorn bracelet, I am obsessed with it:) 
The larger orchard was definitely my favorite. It was so full and lush! Very serene.
And then just when you think it's over, a pumpkin patch! I mean this place had everything!! 
 I love how happy the jack-o-lantern looks!

I am happy to report that the apples and the varieties of apple butter, pumpkin butter and sweet potato pecan butter have all been amazing. So amazing in fact, I can not pick a favorite! The apples picked right off the tree are the best tasting apples I have ever had. Jubilee Fugi is where it is at!! 


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Miss Marie said...

This all looks so idyllic to me! I love, love, love apple season! I don't actually usually eat apples through the year but there's something so romantic about apple season - perhaps because, like you say, they're best off the tree, rather than imported out of season. Unfortunately I've been stuck in the city this autumn so have missed all the apple days that we get here in various country estates in the UK. So your pictures are some compensation for this city gal!