Sunday, September 5, 2010

A day by the lake

This has been a long and busy weekend. First off, I wanna thank everybody who came out to Heaven's Gallery this weekend. It was by far the most successful Vintage Heaven yet!! Not to mention, seeing all my friends and fellow vintage dealers is always fantastic. Thank you Isa for being such a wonderful friend, I don't see you enough. I managed to only make a couple of purchases this time, lol. Usually I just go a little overboard and buy so many things but I restrained myself. I always have to buy something from Lovestory Vintage, Sara always has the cutest things!! Love her. And I got this amazing little 80's ivory blouse with a big bow, I'm going to have a total french moment with this piece:)

Before the sale, Friday was my day off and the first inclination of Fall. My friend Kat and I headed up north for a day of thrift shopping and a stop at my fav deli, Once upon a Bagel. It couldn't have been a more perfect day....

Getting ready for my close up:)
40's Vintage Green Coat: Thrift shop in Chester 
Striped Dress: Anthropologie
Floral Tights: Anthropologie
Leaf Pin on Silver chain: Antique Mall
Brown Leather Handbag: Thrift Store
Watches, Bracelet, Green & Gold Ring: Thrift Store

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Isa said...

Shopping + the company of a good friend + good food + being around nature? I don't know how u managed to put all these elements together but I does sound like a perfect day! Pls say hi to kat for me btw! We should go have dinner @ karyns together! But next week, cos in this one I'm beyond broke...

The 9th picture should go straight to vogue.

I'm happy u think this was the best vintage heaven yet, cos I agree. I think we found our groove, let's hope to keep it up in the next one. Fingers crossed! And yes, sara is always tempting us. btw that gold jacket is there for u to borrow it, I feel so bad, it would look so amazing on u... but I got attached, karyn! U understand, right?