Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2 posts in one day!? Yep, that makes it a sick day.

I know they say that when you're sick you're supposed to be get a lot of rest, but that is never the case with me. My sister Amy can agree with me on this, I think it runs in our family that we are feeling ill we take advantage of the time at home to get house work done. Hahaha, I did laundry, organized my vintage and worked on Dethrose all day. I mean they said rest, staying at home working is very relaxing for me. I have a lot of work coming up in the next few weeks...I am moving...let me know if you wanna help me pack! 

So even though I already did one post today, I did so much in Dethrose today it's time for another shop update. Hopefully I can get a few more posts and more new items this week. 

1970's Navy Eitenne Aigner Flats 7.5N & 1980's Navy Snakeskin Leather Wristlet
1980's Christian Dior Plaid Coat Med & 1980's Bright Plaid Jumper Dress Med
1980's Royal Blue Cable Knit Sparkle Sweater Small


Amy said...

Are you sick for real??
You have to get back to work to get your package!!

Dethrose Vintage said...

Yep for real. Flu. Legit. Been on bed rest all day:(

i have to be back by tomorrow.

Crystal said...

Love the purple the coat - such an beautifully color!

Isa said...

Karyn, I don't know if we got the same bug, but I've had a nasty one since last week. Its almost gone now, but I'm completely hoarse, someone told me I sound like marge simpsons sister. I prefer to think I sound like a rock star though... anyway, hope yr feeling better by now. One more thing: I absolutely love that last look on you. I love it when u wear jeans!