Wednesday, November 13, 2013

❄ Brrr ❄

Well I asked for winter and it came! I love the winter, the snow, the cold, and the holidays, gimme it all! But this winter is a little hard to warm up to. It literally went from 60º to 30º over night, which shocked me so much I forgot how to dress warm. Give me a couple weeks and I'll figure things out. I just need a second to remember how to dress myself in all my vintage dresses. Because right now, all I want to put on is an oversized sweater and jeans. Curl up on the sofa with a wool blanket, a cup of coffee, Mike and our cat Mackenzie. 

However my shop is getting me excited to put on Holiday dresses for nights out and parties. I will be posting weekly shop updates of lovely Holiday dresses, warm and cozy outerwear and of course just simply adorable dresses. 

Here is the latest update in the shop! 

❄ Stay Warm ❄
1960s Marshall Fields Cardigan ~SOLD
 1960s Leopard Car Coat ~ SOLD
1940s Crimson Wool Cardigan~SOLD

☃ Celebrate ☃

✦ Classics ✦
1950s Rose Bush Skirt ~ SOLD

And introducing a new addition to the shop: Bridal

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