Friday, October 26, 2012

Big Ol' Update

So many goodies in the shop right now!! I want to offer a little something for all my readers. Shop Dethrose Vintage today through Sunday evening and get 20% off. Just enter FANOFDETHROSE at checkout! 

I also just made a little bit of a change! I finally decided to bite the bullet and chop my hair. Yep! Gone and boy does it feel awesome!! 


Vintage Market Place said...

I can't wait to come shop your studio I am making a list ;)
Love the new looks very grown up and classy.

Laura said...

Your haircut looks darling! :)

Jennifer Merriman said...

I love the haircut!

Also loving my frilly blouse, got a ton of compliments on it at work. But now that I see the blue dress, and the black sleeveless dress...oh dear. I'm going to *have* to start making regular trips to your studio.