Saturday, May 12, 2012

Back Lit

Just a peek at our Studio...the windows. Hahaha! I will post soon with pictures but we want to get a bit more done before we show it off to you all. 

Merl just took a few quick shots while I was working the other day. The light was so bright coming through the windows, it looks we back lit them! 

My outfit here was a random choice. Just fishing through my closet to discover items I have never worn. Believe it or not, none of it is vintage, well just the accessories and shoes. 
The shoes are 1950s red patent flats from an estate sale.
 And a small dance break to Otis Redding's "Shake". My personal favorite!

Cardigan~ Forever 21 about 3 yrs ago
Skirt~ H&M
Tank~ Target
My awesome bird necklace was a gift from Merl. I love it and wear it almost everyday.
And yes, my hair is very my little pony right now! My colorist added a bit of lavender to my white blonde and pink hair. I am loving it!

My QVC hand pose to show off the jewels...I promised Merl I would include this:)  
Lucky Clover Charm Bracelet ~ Antique Mall 
Gold Pressed Ring~ The Get Up in Ann Arbor Michigan
Woven Gold Ring~ My mother via Avon in the 80s
all photos taken by Merl Kinzie
There you have it. More pics coming soon! Be sure to check my last few post to see all the new goodies being added to Dethrose!


lauren said...

i especially love the very last photo because it sort looks like you are looking wistfully out the window as though you want to escape (& head to Scofflaw, i am sure).

Sarah Azzouzi said...

I love these!

gothic lolita dresses said...

Cute outfit!Love it!Stunning!