Tuesday, February 7, 2012

30s & 40s Obsession and A Tiny Shop Update!

Like I had brought up in my last couple posts, I recently had the pleasure to visit a home with 3 decades of vintage clothing. This outfit is from that home and probably my favorite! 
I love that I can wear a 30s or 40s dress that is slightly too big and it still looks okay. Now that I have my pin curls and rag curls down, I have been more likely to trade my 50s frocks for something a little older. But don't worry, I can never give up the 50s! The other thing you may notice is my lack of red lipstick. I thought this look needs something softer, so I opted for just a little balm on the lips free pf color. It was quite freeing, however a little strange to look in the mirror and not see red lips! 

 Wool Hat :: Thrifted
1950s Ivory Sweater Shrug :: Thrifted
Mink Pin :: Thrifted
 1940s Rayon Polka Dot Dress :: Estate Sale
 1940s Ferragamo Lace Ups :: Estate Sale 4 yrs ago

 My new obsession, Late 30's Wool Coat :: Estate Sale
1950s Floral Tapestry Handbag :: Estate Sale
I have not taken this coat off since I got it. It is my obsession and I am lucky to have it:) 

Here is a couple more new additions to Dethrose! Happy Tuesday:) 



You are so lovely!!

Dethrose Vintage said...

Awe **blush**

Sophie-Marie said...

I absolutely LOVE all these on you. And what I love the most is, you know, that you look like you've time-traveled from the 1950s to today, and you look very innocent with the blond hair and, well sweet face. Then the tattoos peek out. I love the effect it has. Seriously, I've seen more creativity on blogs than in Vogue.

maranda (persnickety vintage) said...

are you bringing that last plaid dress and bolero to TVB this weekend? i might need to try it on :)

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

God, your house is gorgeous.

I feel I am almost a little curvy for '30s and '40s... same with the late '60s. I dunno... makes me feel a little... frumpy, stocky... Mind you I love them all to death. I almost feel a little uncool sticking to mostly '50s.

Immortality Passion said...

Now I discover your blog...it is so great...I m following you.And your bag is perfect!!!