Friday, July 25, 2014

Grass is always greener...

This month has blown by! Crazy, hectic, stress filled and pure excitement of things to come. A few rough days hit us with unexpected hiccups in the renovations of the new shop and apartment. But we stayed positive, I may have faked my way through the positivity a bit while my stomach bottomed out a few times, but everything turned out amazing. One thing that has helped Mike and I through the craziness is taking a break each day for an hour or so and enjoying the weather, the neighborhood, really whatever we can to take our mind off the stress of uprooting our lives! 

We did just that the other morning in one of our spots close to home, Dvorak Park. Which normally, when it's a normal Summer, not these frigid highs of 68º in JULY, we'd be in the pool here at Dvorak! No such luck this Summer, which maybe is a good thing because the cool weather has made it easier to get work done without becoming sweaty, cranky and eventually melting into puddles of goo on the floor. Ok I'll shut up about weather for now, SNOOZE!!! 

Onto what you really came here for, the good stuff, CLOTHING. 
I've had this dress since 2010. I got it from my friend Niki at Bombshell Shocked Vintage when she was selling at on of my first Vintage pop up show The Vintage Bazaar. I wear it every summer and to no avail, I get stopped about it around 6 times or asking if I'd sell it right away. Never! It will be mine until I can't wear it anymore. Favorite color, best collar, and fabulous print. 

Outfit Details: 
1950s Dress: Bombshell Shocked
Jewelry: Thrifted over the years
70s Sandals: Thrifted
Straw Bag: Crush Vintage 

 And the man behind the camera, Mike, who tells me every picture of me looks great even when I don't. So I turned the camera around on him, and of course the first pic was perfect;) Coming soon will be his Blog: Midnorth Mercantile!!


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Hector Rivas said...
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EcoGoodz said...

You've been featured in our recent blog post The Vintage Advantage. We love your style and dedication to period pieces!

Lunie Chan said...

I love this green <3