Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chicago Morning

Just a cold Sunday Chicago morning. Beautiful and sunny as well as blustery and freezing.
1950s Grey Chambray Dress ~ Thrifted
1960s Gold Cardigan ~ can't remember where I got this, it's been so long!
1950s Fur Hat ~ Estate Sale
Necklace ~ Gift from ClydesRebirth
Bracelet ~ Antique Shop
Sunglasses ~ Penelope's Chicago
Belt ~ Gift
1970s Black Boots ~ Thrifted 
1960s Wool Jacket ~ Mr. Modern
Hope you had a lovely weekend.

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♡♡ ~ Karyn
** all photos by Kat

Monday, January 30, 2012

❤♥❤ Valentine's Day Special❤♥❤

I have never really been into the Holidays. I love Fall and the warmth of Thanksgiving & Winter and the glimmering Christmas lights and of course snow. I think I love the time of year more than the actual celebrations. 

Valentine's Day is a holiday that I don't get the fuss. I do however like the child like version of Valentine's, the candy hearts, be mine valentine's, and the red and pink everywhere! I like the sweetness of it all. Unfortunately, most do not appreciate the simple meaning of love. They often think presents, presents, presents or I have to have a date! Whether it's stressing over gifts to give or pressuring one with what they should get you. Missing all the childlike fun that could be had. For me, when I am in a relationship around this time of year, I don't do the gift thing or the pressure of doing it up all big. Instead, the day should just be full of love and fun! My favorite thing to do is dress up and spend the day and evening with loved ones enjoying the city you live in. Concerts, dancing, and all around silliness:) Even if you're not technically "in love" that shouldn't stop you from having just simple fun with your significant other or loved ones. Step back, take the pressure off and just enjoy the happiness that fills the air this time of year. 

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Dress it up fancy...
 Or do it up classic with a little black dress...
Maybe just a touch of pink...
 Brighten it up with Red! 
 Or maybe it will be your special day...

Whatever the occasion may be, I hope you all have a lovely time with those special people in your lives. 

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xoxo, Karyn

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hollywood Blondes

My hair has been every color of the rainbow. Dark red, bright red, purple, blueish black, highlighted, low lighted, dark blonde, ash blonde, you name it, I've had it. 3 years ago I went platinum and I don't know, it just felt right. I'm naturally blonde, but it's that yucky blah blonde. As I get older, the darker it becomes. So pale blonde just feels fresher to me, brighter and happier:)

These are the classic blondes who inspire me to be a classic blonde without looking cheap.

My personal favorite blonde starlet. She was so talented and so hilarious.
Grace. Not a typical photo usually shown for Grace, but to me it shows her style and elegance so perfectly.

And of Course...
One of my favorite pictures of Marilyn. So natural and beautiful.

These are the Hollywood classic blondes that influence my locks everyday.  No blonde bimbos here, just classic elegance.

**all photos found via google images